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I really liked how this was included in the last Young Avengers issue, because for me the ability to put an idea into someones head without them even being aware of his presence is Loki’s most terrifying ability. The fact that he can apparently do this while depowered makes him even scarier and emphasizes the fact that his raw magical power is probably the least dangerous thing about him.

Also its interesting to note that while he is manipulating the shit out of Billy, he is also giving him his first magic lesson.

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    I own both of these…
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    Me Gusta.
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    thank you for this, I got into a lunchtime conversatrant recently with a comic book fan about this. They claimed that...
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    Yeah i’m not really sure how that works…. maybe they did a few detours into ones he didn’t create? Or the mayfly...
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    I have to admit though I am a bit confused by Loki’s line here - the implication seems to be that Billy created all the...
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    Lokinception See also: why Loki was ridiculously misused in the Avengers movie. He’s not good as the guy in the front....
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